My Client Has Moved To Another Country and Not Paid

My Client Has Moved To Another Country and Not Paid

If a business or individual has a debtor that has moved away from their home country, this can cause many issues.

This situation may leave you feeling anxious and with no hope of collecting the debt.

There is nothing more stressful than money being owed, and this can be made worse when it turns to international status.

UK residents that experience problem debtors may have an easier time collecting these than those in foreign countries.

This is due to many factors that could hinder the collection process of International debts.

Some of these factors include time differences, language barriers, distance and country specific laws and regulations.

It is clear why this is one of the reasons businesses and individuals abandon debts if their debtor is based overseas.

A debtor may move away from their permanent home with the thought that the debts they owe will just go away.

This is false and makes the debtor look even worse for trying to escape paying the money that they owe.

No one debtor can justify owing someone money that is rightfully theirs, and using this as an escape route is unjust.

Your UK bank account shouldn’t be affected because of the actions of someone else.

It doesn’t matter if your problem debtor doesn’t pay for 2 or 183 days, it’s vital this gets paid.

Just like you should pay tax, a debtor should pay their debts.

In this article, our professionals have put together some guidance for those that find themselves in this position.

At International Debt Collectors, we strive to provide the best information when it comes to needing a debt collected overseas.

There are many different methods to choose from for international debt collection.

Choosing the wrong method could end up costing a lot more which could cause problems for one’s finances.

My Client Has Moved To Another Country and Not Paid

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The International Debt Collection Process

The International Debt Collection process may seem more complex than collecting debts in the UK.

As mentioned above, there are hindrances that may mean the debt collection takes longer but this is completely normal.

A common misconception is that debts can only start, or finish, in the country the debtor originates from.

When invoices go unpaid, or services are not paid for, these can be collected anywhere n the world.

For example, a Debt Collection Agency based in the UK can collect all debts within the country.

When a debt escalates overseas, this is when agencies elsewhere will be contacted to help recover the debt.

International Debt Collectors will be able to deal with these more efficiently due to their specific training in this matter.

Most agencies of this calibre will have up to date information on the unique laws and regulations of different countries.

There are no specific laws that cover overseas debt recovery as a whole as these are regulated on a national level.

This can cause many challenges for those who are not educated on this particular topic.

This is why it is recommended that for all overseas debts, you use a professional agency.

Just because your debtor has moved abroad does not mean the money is now not able to be recovered.

If you are owed money overseas, you need to recover this.

International Debt Collection Agencies – Who Should You Choose?

Are you still asking yourself “My Client Has Moved To Another Country and Not Paid, What Should I Do?”

Regardless of whether your debtor has moved or not, you can still get paid what is owed.

Collecting debts from overseas is a common occurrence for many businesses.

There are many debt collection agencies across the globe that are experts in what they do best.

When owed money by someone, you want to ensure that the agency collecting the debt is trustworthy and professional.

At International Debt Collectors, we have experienced many clients that have previously chosen bad companies who only care about getting paid.

Providing a good service is imperative in this particular industry, considering the circumstances of the situation.

Making the right decision when picking a debt collector can be the difference between getting money back or nothing at all.

We have a list of recommended agencies when it comes to collecting an international debt.

Not only are these some of the best debt collection agencies in the UK, but also in the world.

If you are owed money by a business client overseas, we recommend the services of Federal Management.

International Debts can also occur for self-employed and private individuals, as well as businesses.

If your debtor is a friend, family member or a customer that has not paid overseas, we recommend using Frontline Collections.

Both of the above agencies are some of the best in the country and have a wealth of knowledge.

Across their long history, they have helped many businesses and individuals with the issue of overseas debts.

If you are owed money by a debtor and they have moved countries, these are the best options available.

Not only this, but they operate some of the highest recovery rates and lowest commission rates.

This means that you will receive the most affordable service that can possibly be given.

My Client Has Moved To Another Country and Not Paid

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